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About me

A qualified professional photographer with 18 years experience, based in the North East of England

I specialise in creative commercial photography. I have over 18 years of experience working with Weddings, Events, property developers, and advertising agencies, also exhibited and sold work across the country in private exhibitions and sold work for international book/novel covers, covers of general fiction novels. l also offer headshots and portrait imagery for businesses and non-commercial clients.


How I work

I work with professional photography cameras and a variation of lenses and flashes. 

I shoot with two cameras each take two memory card for extra safety if one card fail the other is there to back up the captured images, if one camera fails I have a second to cover the event, leaving nothing to chance.

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My editing process

I shoot RAW so I can get the maximum detail and image quality. All work is saved on to multiply Hard drive for extra security and safety against loss of data, 

Photoshop, Lightroom, Luminar, Nikon collection DXO.
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1 Woodbine Terrace Gretham

Hartlepool TS25 2ET

07708 490779

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Interior achitecture and product photography

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Graham Hunt Photography

Newcastle street alley.jpg

Newcastle cityscapes

Urban cityscapes and street photography

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Graham Hunt photography

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