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Graham Hunt Portraits
Graham Hunt photography
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Heta portrait
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Portraits-8 C&S
Jason & Jess-5
Jason & Jess-21
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Portraits-7 C&S
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Graham Hunt Portraits-4

 professional portraiture

Corporate and commercial photography

Vibrant & contemporary portraiture. I have a relaxed approach to capturing portraitsl also offer headshots and portrait imagery for businesses and non commercial clients.

Creative portraits for all types of subject including and not limited to actors musicians corporate and commercial plus non commercial such as couple, family portraiture 

If you’re looking for a promotion, a new job or want to look better on LinkedIn and websites, a professional headshot shows you mean business.

Please contact me do discuss your project 


Whatever the reason I can tailor the shoot to get the type of images you want for whatever purpose you have chosen. This could be on location somewhere, in your business/hobby environment or in a studio type setting created in your own home or elsewhere.

Stadium Concrete Seats
Graham Hunt Portraits-8.jpg



  •  photo shoot at a location of your choice.

  • One hour photography shoot.

  • 50 edited images. 

  • Add  extra hour  £80 


Graham hunt photography_-33.jpg



  • Couples or family photo shoot at a location of your choice or my studio

  • One hour photography shoot.

  • 50 edited images. 

  • Add a large framed print for an extra £80


Graham Hunt Photography--12.jpg


Studio portraits

  • Corporate and commercial Studio portraits

  • all images  edited

  • Studio 

  • Please contact me for more information 


Graham Hunt photography.jpg
Graham Hunt photography-49.jpg
Graham Hunt photography-37.jpg
Graham Hunt photography-18.jpg
Graham Hunt photography-45.jpg
Actor  Headshots

As an actor, your headshot is a critical part of your commercial success. We’ll spend as long as it takes to create images that showcase your talent. 

Graham hunt photography_-38.jpg
Graham hunt photography_-5.jpg
Graham hunt photography_-6.jpg
Graham hunt photography_-37.jpg
Graham hunt photography_-24.jpg
Creative Family  photography

I do appreciate a beautiful colour portrait, especially when working with families in amongst nature during Spring and Autumn. Portrait Sessions are available at home or on location and my studio

Graham Hunt photography-20.jpg
Graham Hunt photography-26.jpg
Graham Hunt photography-6.jpg
Graham Hunt photography-29.jpg
Graham Hunt photography-27.jpg
Creative Studio photography

Studio environment give's me complete control of the the light and how it affect my subject.

Graham Hunt Portraits-32.jpg
Graham Hunt Portraits-35.jpg
Graham Hunt Portraits-4.jpg
 portraiture photography

Do you need a 'reason'?!  Well here are just a few that I've encountered and catered for...

  • I need some shots for a modeling/acting/buisiness portfolio

  • I want some photos to give to a partner as a surprise

  • I need some professional corporate images for my company

  • I want some photographs to celebrate my weight loss/fitness achievement

  • I want some photos for my website

  • I want some pix to use on social media

  • I want a large photo canvas of me for the wall

  • I want some photos to send to family who live away

  • I've always fancied getting some 'proper' photos of myself


1 Woodbine Terrace Greatham Hartlepool ts25 2et


07708 490779


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