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The most precious moments of life

deserve to be captured

Keep it real

Keep it real or as close to natural, I try to avoid the use of fashionable filters or whatever is the new look this year. These trends come and go   

My photography style

My wedding photography captures all the emotions of the day, from the nervous anticipation before the ceremony to the joyous celebration afterwards. I tell the story of your wedding through the lens of my camera, capturing all the beautiful moments and details in stunning, high-quality images. Trust me to capture your special day and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Documentary and possed

As a photographer, my style is rooted in capturing the raw, natural beauty of people and their surroundings. My work is a combination of natural, documentary-style imagery and carefully posed photography. I believe that photography should be a reflection of the moments that matter most, and my approach is to allow those moments to unfold naturally, while providing gentle guidance and direction when needed.

Technical stuff

At Graham Hunt Photography, we are dedicated to capturing your most precious moments through the art of photography. I approach each project with a unique and personal perspective, tailored to your specific needs and ideas. With two cameras and a multitude of lenses, I am able to provide extra safety and backup for your shots, ensuring that your memories are captured beautifully and flawlessly.

Heta wedding Graham Hunt photography-79.jpg


I've shot in just about every type of venue imagineable. From traditional churches to industrial wharehouses, I've been lucky enough to shoot in so many different environments and I'm equally comfortable in an urban venue as a chateau in France. I shoot in a natural, documentary style, capturing moments as they happen in front of me. No posing, no set ups, just genuine moments that become memories to last a life time.

Steph & Cathrine Graham Hunt photography-75.jpg

Natural moments

 I am dedicated to capturing the natural moments and emotions of your special day. With my documentary-style wedding photography, I tell the story of your wedding day through a series of candid and authentic moments. I believe that photos should reflect the atmosphere, the emotions, and the energy of the moment, which is why I use my skills and vast experience to create images that showcase every intricate detail of your special day.

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